Practicing Chiropractors' Committee on Radiology Protocols

For Biomechanical Assessment of Spinal Subluxation in Chiropractic Clinical Practice


Dear Chiropractors, Colleagues, and Friends,

PCCRP is the acronym for Practicing Chiropractors’ Committee for Radiology Protocols. These PCCRP guidelines/protocols are chaired by Dr. Deed E. Harrison, ICA Representative from Nevada. The PCCRP has an executive panel of 4 chiropractic researchers including: Dr. Donald Harrison (ICA Board Member), Dr. Christopher Kent (WCA Board Member), Dr. Joseph Betz (ICA Representative from Idaho), and Dr. Paul Oakley (Ontario Chiropractic Assoc. Member) and a larger panel of 20 Chiropractic Clinical Experts, who all aided in the development, literature searches, writing, editing, and reviewing these new PCCRP X-ray Guidelines.

If you are a licensed DC and you take x-rays for the analysis of spinal subluxation, then you need to take action and we need your assistance. The PCCRP X-ray guidelines were developed by Chiropractors and Chiropractic Organizations for Practicing Clinicians and their Patients. The PCCRP guidelines are in direct competition/opposition to current attempts to restrict Chiropractic Radiography to “Red Flag Only” conditions or diagnosis.

Do you want to be outside the ‘standard of care’ for taking ‘routine’ x-rays for subluxation assessment and post-treatment radiographs? If not please review the PCCRP guidelines and COMPLETE THE SURVEY in the UPPER RIGHT HAND TAB ON THIS PAGE.

The PCCRP guideline committee performed a comprehensive literature search (1963 references in total) and prepared the 350 page document. The PCCRP guidelines are the Evidence Based Support for subluxation analysis via x-ray as performed by a large percentage of practicing chiropractors.

There are 2 Internal and 5 External Reviews that are being performed to improve the PCCRP guidelines. The purpose of placing the PCCRP draft on this web site is for profession-wide review (1 of the 5 External Reviews) and to seek comments to improve the PCCRP guidelines. We ask you, the reader, to provide your name and email as we do not wish to have non-DC reviewers and we will discount multiple surveys from the same source.

We need ALL Chiropractic Clinicians to evaluate the PCCRP X-ray guidelines and complete the survey for us in THE UPPER RIGHT HAND TAB ON THIS PAGE. Without a large number of completed surveys from Practicing Chiropractors, these guidelines will not have great impact.

The PCCRP committee did their part and now it’s time for Practicing Chiropractors to assist by completing the SURVEY.

Practicing or Licensed Chiropractors:

  1. The PCCRP guidelines have 14 sections listed as Sections I- Sections XIV. Each section is listed below. Click on the Section of your choice and the document will open (it may take a few minutes) as a pdf.
  2. The file can then be saved to your hard drive. However, it can’t be printed currently for this review phase.
  3. To make it easy, you may wish to read the Preface, the Recommendations in Bold letters at the beginning of each section and the summary Section XIV. This will provide you with a fairly comprehensive overview of the PCCRP Guides.
  4. After you’ve read the PCCRP Sections or Recommendations, please fill out the PCCRP SURVEY. This is located as a tab in the Upper Right Hand of the home page or below with the PCCRP Section links as a separate link. Note: You must complete the ENTIRE SURVEY BEFORE EXITING. If you exit before the survey is complete, the results will not be saved.

State Associations, State Boards, National or International Associations, and Chiropractic Colleges
1. If you wish to consider endorsing or adopting the PCCRP X-ray Guidelines or to evaluate the guidelines in their entirety with a more comprehensive approach, please contact the PCCRP Chair for instructions. You can email the chair at or .

International Expert Reviewers

  1. If you are an International Reviewer you need to login to the “Members Tab” in the Upper Right Hand portion of the home page.
  2. You need to have a user name and password to access the document in its entirety and to access the evaluation instrument. Please email the chair at or .

Respectfully submitted,

Deed E. Harrison, DC
PCCRP Guidelines Chair